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Version: 1.0 r526

Date: 2010-04-06 14:36

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Map pack containing AAS missions and templates. Arma 2 AAS is a game mode for Arma 2 multiplayer where two teams play against each other to seize a row of bases by outnumbering each other within a fixed perimeter of the base.

All Rulesets and Templates including Templates for building your own missions on Chernarus and Panthera

In this package you can find:
    - More than 70 AAS-Missions (Utes/Chernarus/Panthera)
    - Fully AAS-Compatible AI-Integration, plays AAS even on its own
    - Scales from 1 up to 100 Players
    - Play Alone with AI against AI, play Coop against AI, Play 50vs50 humans
    - Create you own AAS-Missions based on the Templates delivered in the package
Gamemode Info:
- The art of Advance and secure

- What is AAS and How to play

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

The information "Base to attack" and "Base to defend" are the most vital ones, because you should be at one of those two bases either defending or attacking for your team. Sitting on any other bases than those shown on your HUD is completely useless for your team! Press M for the Map to see where you are and in which direction you have to go.

AAS-Specific Keyboard-Controls:
Press CTRL+Y(Z)/CTRL+X to Zoom-In or Out the Minimap. If It´s Y or Z depends on your Keyboard-Layout/Country where you live

Press CTRL+T to see friendly Tags up to 1000m.

Press CTRL+H to toggle your AAS-HUD to show more or less information like the MiniMap

Press CTRL+K to join/switch a Fireteam

Press CTRL+J to Reset the AAS-HUD in case you have problems displaying it

AAS-Teams and Servers:
SBS -- Special Boat Service --
AGW -- Armed Global Warfare --
BCA -- Basecamp Allstars --
TG -- The Grunts Clan --
ATOW -- Arma Theatre of War --
1PARA -- 1st Parachute Regiment --
RIP -- Rusy In Places --
Brothers in Arma -- "Brother's in ArmA 2 100mb west coast" server
FKR -- FKR Public UK Arma2 PvP --
BMFsquad- PvP Hold Only --
Urban Resistance --

Credits & Thanks:
Cat Toaster
Kju, Xeno, Spooner(indirectly)
Kegetys, Chillmasta, Zaphod, PaulyP, Fenix, Lord, Maverick
All of SBS, AGW, BCA for Beta testing
TOW for their beta support and bug reports

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- BI forums

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