AAS-Advance and Secure Addon-Package updated

BCA Cat Toaster informed us about the release of an updated version of the "AAS-Advance and Secure" Addon-Package in the Bi forums.

Quote BCA Cat Toaster :
Today I´m a little bit proud to say that using certain Addons for ArmA2 especially in combination with the Advance and Secure game-mode has never been easier as with this release of version 1.1. Of course the Community has to agree yet and I´m looking forward to the feedback we´ll hopefully receive. The AAS-Advance and Secure Addon-Package V1.1 contains for the first time all Missions, Addons and Keys that are needed to play/host AAS today in one simple to use Installation package supporting numerous languages.

    - LittleBirds 2.2 by Cyborg11
    - Panthera 2.61 by IceBreakr
    - Isla Duala 1.6 by IceBreakr
    - Community Base Addons 0.4.0 by Sickboy, Dr_Eyeball, killswitch
    - Namalsk 1.02 by Sumrak
    - Quesh Kibrul 2.0 by floosy
    - Everon 2.9b by SgtAce
    - More than 100 Missions
Other Changes:
    - New Feature using 3rd Person-View on vehicles only
    - New Feature makes it possible to use Aircraft-Carrier as Base or Objective
    - New AI-Features (Aircraft Collision Avoidance System and AI Throwing Smoke by Victor Farbau)
    - New Missions (more than 20) utilizing the Worlds Quesh Kibrul, Namalsk and Everon
    - New AAS-Server-Key will change in every new version to ensure consistency in MP-Environments
    - Several Bugfixes

Written on 2010-05-16 11:15 by Big  

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