Mission pack : Ebolavirus' AAS mappack updated
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Ebolavirus released a new version of his AAS mappack in the BI forums.

Cahnges in this version:
    - frontline
      *reduced rpg smaw ammo loadouts to 1-2 rnds per crate, Javelins removed.
      *destructable bunkers
      *reduced all arty rounds
      *reduced barrage smoke marker intensities
      *improved barrage scripting
    - SirPoundalot
      *All aircraft have AGMs removed except 1xSu25 which will spawn with full payload at start of the match. Once destroyed its AGMs are removed for the entire match.
      *retained A10 for West, its 2xMavericks are persistant on respawn
      *more pound for your buck
    - Fubar
      *shifted zone layout for more intense inf combat.
      *removed East Mi8 from swamp
    - BootyCall
      *improvements to design, much more competitive.
    - Blitz
      *improvements to design.
      *All aircraft have AGMs removed

Written on 2009-09-26 07:55 by Big  

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