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RKSL-Rock informed us on our forums about the projects the RKSL-Studios team is working on.
For the full list of the vehicles which they are working on check the work in progress topic or visit their website.

Quote RKSL-Rock :
We are still here and working. We've taking the time learn the ArmA2 Engine. For those that don't read the RKSL site regularly we've stopped supporting ArmA1 and are now solely focused on ArmA2. I'm slowly porting all the projects over and updating our website as I go.

Just like with ArmA1 we're focusing on the British kit again but there are already some "International" projects on the table (more about that on another day). All the UK projects listed below are in game and working so some extent. Most are WIP but some are much closer to release than others. And some rely on scripted system that are still in development.

Release Schedule
If you want details of Release dates etc please check the Website here

We're looking for a reliable Texture artist. Ideally you should have had some experience with the ArmA engine but its not essential. We're looking for someone to create good quality textures, normal and spec maps for our projects. You should be able to provide samples of your artwork. We'd like someone who is enthusiastic, motivated and honest with a mature approach to the job.

We've always been a small team but right now we have too many models and not enough textures so if you are interested please PM or email me for a chat.

We are UK based but location isn't important to us. Just a promise to finish what you start. No bullshit artists or beta collectors need apply.

4-exclusive_reaper_pack_01.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_02.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_03.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_04.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_09.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_02.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_03.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_06.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_07.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_09.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_10.jpg

To view all the pictures RKSL-Rock has sent us click "Read more!
You can follow the development of this mod in the RKSL Studios wip topic and offcourse on the RKSL-Studios website.
4-exclusive_reaper_pack_01.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_01.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_02.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_03.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_04.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_05.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_06.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_07.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_08.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_09.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_10.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_11.jpg 4-exclusive_seaking_pack_12.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_01.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_02.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_03.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_04.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_05.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_06.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_07.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_08.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_09.jpg 4-exclusive_typhoon_10.jpg

Written on 2009-09-21 07:52 by RKSL-Rock  

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