WIP report - USEC CH-53E Super Stallion
Work in progress

Rocket informed us on our forums he will soon release the USEC CH-53E.

Quote Rocket :
Question pre-emptive strike:
- Yes, blank textures will be released for people to do repaints
- Yes, source will be released so people can steal it
- Significant monetary donations from USEC members were used to purchase 3D reference libraries, maintenance manuals, and sound effects. Send your thanks to them.
- No, I have no plans to do a (insert variant here) beyond what is listed below
- If you want to help, when the release is made, submit bugs to our bug tracker
- No, I will not be making an ArmA variant. Someone may?

Brief Features:
- "Bitchin Betty" information, warning, and caution system.
- Detailed interior and exterior
- Working gauges in cockpit
- 3 Sections in highest LOD
- Single texture for exterior view
- Customized Sound effects for Ramp and Gear
- Manual gear raise and deploy
- AI Friendly
- Armed Variant (with Minigun and side MGs)
- Custom Sound effects for Engine and Rotor noise
- Links in with the USEC Revolutions v2 system in ArmA2
- And much more...

Targeted release:
- October 2009

4-usec_ch53e_super_stallion_1.jpg 4-usec_ch53e_super_stallion_4.jpg 4-usec_ch53e_super_stallion_5.jpg

You can follow the development in the USEC CH-53E wip topic.

Written on 2009-09-23 16:42 by Rocket  

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