SP mission : RMC Tour of Duty by Mr_Centipede

Mr_Centipede released a dynamic SP mission in the BI forums.

Quote Mr_Centipede :
Hello all, this is another mission from me. I try to make a concept like a Tour of Duty, with dynamic mission. So for that, I use BIS SecOp Manager or SOM. I think SOM is very powerfull, if only we could create new mission template out off it.

Anyway my mission is very simple because I'm too lazy to create. I like to play more

I will try to improve the mission from time to time. I also think this mission could be made as a template for another Tour of Duty kinda mission on another Island or other locations. I'm thinking Panthera: Tour of Duty

Written on 2009-09-27 05:16 by Big  

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