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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 2.1

Date: 2013-02-14 08:00

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Chesty Puller

The 27th MEU prepare for invade and liberate Chernorus from the brutaly regime of Chedaki and help to CDF to defend the young democracy in this ex-USSR republic. A young marine officer - Lt. Robert Shelter - is waiting for his first combat assignment to follow his father and elder brother who fought in Kolgujev, Freya and Afghanistan.

This campaign is focused to the regular infantry combat with armored and air support. This is not the Razor Team's story.

- UPSMON script: it's mean smarter enemies and many randomness, new challenges, good replayablility
- HuntIR script: you can use HuntIR without MOD
- Objectives are shown in the top of the screen (easy to know what suppose to do)
- Missions (except bonus) playable in COOP 9
- In separate rar there are set of coop missions from the campaign
There are two sets: with or without respawn
- Respawn: Insurgency like respawn
- Playable with base ArmA2 (without Arrowhead), but of course it's better in CO.
- Still no need addons.
- Weapon selection (if not during the briefing, it possible later from vehicles).
- Not one team against the federal Russian army style missions.
- Usualy lead one scuad, but attack with other squads, but later you can lead multiple squads (High Command)
- Multiple playable roles (you can switch to the squad sniper or AT soldier)
- Not a very deep story with romance, but there are lovable/hateable characters

Install campaign:
- If not exists, create a folder in your ArmA 2 folder (eg: C:\Games\ArmA 2) and name it: Campaigns
- Copy the pullercamp.pbo into this campaign folder (eg: C:\Games\ArmA 2\Campaigns)
- Restart ArmA 2

Install COOP missions:
- Choose a set (rar): with classic group respawn or Insurgency-like respawn
- Unrar it into ArmA2's MPMissions folder

  • Fixed: Missiong/dead Tereshkova bug in mission #2
  • Fixed: Rocket artillery bug in bonus mission #4a
  • Change: Group respawn package instead of NoRespawn

  • v2.0
  • Missions playable in COOP 9
  • Rework missions
  • UPSMON script: smarter enemies, good replayability
  • HuntIR script

  • 1.101
  • fixed the CDT bug

  • v1.1
  • all dialogues, briefings corrected
  • added radio chat, when Intel Humvee arrived at Komarovo to call the player to the church.
  • modified heliroute altitude from 45m to 55m in the begining of Always Faithful mission
  • SPOILER: modified radiochat in the Scope mission: if player kill the ruskie, but didn't noticed the arty battery.
    some players stucked in Komarovo in the first mission. Now always continue the attack after 200sec if player entered in Komarovo
  • open to drive the repair and ambulance vehicle in the Always Faithful mission.

  • Credits & thanks:
    Special thanks to OFPEC.COM,

    language correctors:
    RoadWarriorUSMC, savedbygrace

    and betatesters:
    Sabar, konrad, SaOk, Zipper5, bert, Manzilla, Tonci87

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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