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Date: 2009-09-29 18:26

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FLIR Goggles

This is a client side script which somewhat simulates FLIR in a man portable version. The script requires the player to have standard ArmA 2 night vision goggles in his inventory to act as the unit.
This script does not accurately simulate FLIR, in that it is simply modifying the post processing effects. No heat information is represented for units. It does however enhance vision, espcially at night, and can make spotting enemy units easier. Many people have noticed that the ArmA lighting engine will adjust brightness, making it hard to see with normal vision and night vision under certain lighting conditions. This script eliminates that auto brightness adjustment problem, which is its true advantage.

1. In the editor, copy the three triggers from my template mission into your mission.
2. Copy the contents of the description.ext file to your mission.
3. Copy the contents of the init.sqf file into your mission.
4. Copy the Scripts directory into your mission's directory.

That's it. I hope this meets your needs until the next ArmA 2 expansion comes out next year with a properly working FLIR simulation

The script is available if the player has Night Vision goggles in his inventory. An action will appear (FLIR Menu) where the player can turn on and off the FLIR, adjust the brightness and change the color mode.


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