MP gamemode : Battlefields of Destruction updated
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POTS released in our forums a new version of his MP gamemode called Battlefields of Destruction (BOD)

Changes in this version:
    - Artillery system added to Bonus Zone, every 5min you get mortar ammo for the mortar there (bonus trench) (feature)
    - Squad member marker system added (feature)
    - Squad Average Position marker system added for non-squad members on your side, displays average position of friendly squads (feature)
    - GUI added to screen so you can see important things (zone your in, artillery status, squad your in, your spawn protection) (feature)
    - More resupply areas (feature)
    - Unit rearm capability in all wood crates on map (feature)
    - Heal capability in all wood crates on map (feature)

Written on 2009-10-31 07:14 by Big  

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