MP gamemode : BattleField2 updated

ZoneKiller released a new version of his BattleField2 mission on our forums.

Changes in this version:
    - All vehicle arrays and soldier arrays in 1 script called funny enough Arrays.sqf
    - now you can remove some bases ,well you would not want to remove all of them. so you can have only 3 bases if you want instead of 10. and also some vehicle spot triggers , so if you wanted to have 2 vehicles at 1 base and 4 at the next you just keep the parameter set for 4
    but it will only put a vehicle there if there is a trigger. all this is done in the mission editor. the scripts will automatically adjust to the new settings. if you add stuff. im sorry but you will have to script that your yourself.
    - The parameters hint is now in the menu , Looks much better.
    - Made into a 48 player mission
    - Made it so you can recruit AI just get close to them and a action appears to get them to join you
    They will only stay in your group while there within 100 meters of you and while not in a vehicle , you cant recruit leaders or AI in vehicles.

Written on 2009-11-22 07:06 by ZoneKiller  

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