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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.7b
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Date: 2009-09-30 21:11

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NIM Dynamic Weather
ported to ArmA2 by Binkowski

This is the NIM Dynamic weather addon successfully ported into ArmA2, this addon SHOULD (99% sure) work without any major game breaking issues, if you happen to find any, please post here or PM me.

The purpose of this addon is to bring a more life like weather system to ArmA2. It also enhances the payers surroundings and makes the user feel more immersed with the natural environment. The user
will be able to select a variation of game logics which allow the weather systems to be activated. More detailed information is followed.

As we always recommend place custom files in a modfolder to prevent errors in the future.
Read the FAQ for how to do it.

Included pbo files:

This is a signed addon, you can download the serverkey from

Change log:
1.7b (09-30-09)
- First Release for ArmA2

1.) Dynamic Weather Created by Sentinel (Scripter-nimod).
2.) Deanosbeano and AI Simmons for porting it over to Arm a. ( A HUGE THANKYOU)
3.) Models by Smiley and Hornet85.
4.) Paddy for some scripting problems (Scripter-nimod).
5.) Fog script resource from MI_Fred (VTE Mod).
6.) Snow script resource from Kegetys (FDF Mod).
7.) Thanks to the "23rd Ground Division" and the "22nd regiment" squads for helping test the weather.
8.) BIS for providing Operation Flashpoint/ ArmA / ArmA2.
9.) The support from our fans and the on going addon and mod creations from the community.
10.) To Smiley_Nick and Sentinel for giving me permission to port this to ArmA2.

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