WIP report - Winter Mod for ArmA/ArmA2
Work in progress

soldier2390 informed on our forums he has started making Winter mod for ArmA and ArmA 2.

Quote soldier2390:
Mod will contain all U.S. bis vehicles in all white snow camo! and an air pack as well, which will most likley contain all u.s. bis aircraft in either or all white camo or white and grey snow camo..with all white underbellys(including my u.s.a.f. c-130h) and off corse snow troops!

My current status:

.all bis hmmwv familly
.all bis 5t truck familly
.all bis M113 familly
.all bis Styker familly
.M1A1 abrams
.M1030 motorbike

.all bis u.s. army troops(in basic all white..representing the US military heavy winter overcoat\pants, but im trying to ask rocket if i can use his "USEC snow troops" as they use pretty accurate overcoats with hood\pants)

My Future Projects

.snowmobile (if anyone has one or is making one please let me know...i cant make it from scratch)
.all bis boats(will be done shortly)
.all bis SLA vehicles in winter camos
.and more to come..also suggestions are always welcome!!!

.heavy winter soldiers (using rockets "usec winter soldiers" if i get permissions and opened models to re-route textures!
.all bis SLA soldiers in winter camo(which is eay to do)

8582-wintermod1.jpeg 8582-wintermod2.jpeg

You can find more information and post your feedback in the Winter mod topic.

Written on 2009-10-02 08:09 by soldier2390  

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