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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 1.1
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Short description: This will give you different UK Army weapons

Date: 2010-07-31 06:02

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UKF Weapons Pack


These addons will give the following:
    - SA80 Series
    - L85A2 with Susat
    - L86A2 with Susat
    - L85A2 With AG36 and Susat
    - L22A2 Carbine with Susat
    - Blank firing versions of the L85 and L86
    GPMG with Blank Firing Attachment
    L96A1 in various forms

Compatibility with Operation Flashpoint Ports
There is some degree of compatibility between the two, and for the most part they should exchange 1 for 1 with few problems. The big issue is that there are no Ironsight weapons in this release, and so any missions made with the OFP ports that use the Ironsights will not function.

The L96a's are simply modified versions of the OFP ports, and are not new models or textures.

The pack contains a General Purpose Machine-Gun and nineteen SA80 variants; with numerous variations on the L86A2 Light Support Weapon, L85A2 Individual Weapon and L22A2 Carbine, including different sight configurations and blank-firing adaptors for training scenarios. The UKF weapons pack is a comprehensive collection of modern British small-arms, suitable for almost all players' needs.

Functionality wise, we have adapted the scripts from AAW's weapon pack with norrin's permission, to allow players to use the peep-sights on top of the SUSAT, and the Docter red-dot sight on the ACOG. We have also included handanim switching for the L123A2 UGL and bipod deployment for the LSW and GPMG; a feature you will have seen demonstrated on the L115A3 addon released a few weeks ago.

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

For various reasons this addon is incomplete, and has been released in an 'as is' state. At this point in time, there will be no future updates and fixes after the initial release.

Known issues:
A few of the L96a models still have the "hand glitch" problem. This doesn't affect them all, however, and so they're still worth including in the release. I believe the ones that work are the Camo variants.

GPMG isn't fully animated.

There are also a few model/lighting errors about that whilst 90% of people won't notice, still niggle me as the person who made them.

  • Addition of rifles with the latest accessories for operations in Afghanistan including the new picatinny rail platform, and an ACOG scope provided by panda_pl and scubaman3D from the ACE mod
  • Some weapons fitted with a Surefire FA556-212 suppressor, as used by Special Forces Support Group
  • Improvements to the rvmats to utilise ArmA 2's DX9 "super-shaders" and detail maps
  • The weapons now also have shadow LODs
  • Fixed some of the lighting problems on the models

  • Credits & thanks:
    Chris (Pathy) - SA80 Models, Textures, Sounds, Config & Animation.
    Messiah - GPMG Model & Textures.
    DK - RVMats and other general help.
    Da12thMonkey - Making some fantastic hand animation

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