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Requirements: Group Link 4 Special FX Edition
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Version: 2.0

Date: 2010-01-27 11:02

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Devil's Castle
Captain Bravo

You are in charge of Bravo team, a highly trained assassin team. You are to drop behind enemy lines and assassinate an enemy leader then make it back to base in one piece.

Getting the enemy leader is a tough task that requires planning and teamwork. But getting back to base in one piece is another issue!

If are successful in assassinating enemy leader you will be hunted down like a running fox. Enemy AI will use vehicles and DOGS to track you down. Not only the dogs will track you down but if they catch you they will rip you to pieces! (if you do not get shot 100 times first)

Place the pbo file in your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

This mission can be played in SP but coop is recommended as team play is crucial for success!

Change log:
- The AI is more dynamic, utilizing GL4 (Group Link 4). So AI will be a bit more unpredictable and tougher in combat. This adds more importance to stealth vs John Wayne approach!
- Hunt Groups:Hunting groups with KILLER dogs and working flash lights! If you see lights in the woods know it is not a truck
- You have the option to receive ammo drop from HQ in mission.
- Reduced addons dependency.

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- BI forums

- Group Link 4 Special FX Edition

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