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Date: 2009-10-08 04:50

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norrin & kju

These are ArmA1 units that have been converted and modified for use in ArmA2. They also include a couple of new models. The pack contains standard ADF units in DESCAM and SASR units in a mixture of DESCAM and AUSCAM.

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

We are aware that these units do not accurately simulate the equipment used by the ADF. We have used modified existing game models as well as several of our own in making these units to give the look and feel of ADF units. Hopefully in the not too distant future we'll release units that accurately model existing ADF equipment - how long this takes at this time is anybody's guess.

This addon is not to be used for commercial puposes and is not to be modified. Nor can parts be used in other addons without the author's prior consent.

For further information please contact us at: or if you have any suggestions comments or find any bugs please post here.

Credits & thanks:
Models: All models taken and adapted from the BIS unit models created for ArmA1 and ArmA2.
The one exception is the model and textures of the SASR Assault helmet which was created by soldierX and norrin. The modifications to the BIS models were made by norrin.

Config: kju and norrin

Thanks also to:

Sgt Ace for helping to binarize the units
Cambo and Synide for their modelling advice and help in fixing model errors
Norsu for his guide for converting ArmA1 models for ArmA2:
Bohemia Interactive for the countless hours of entertainment they have provided me
Anyone I may have inadvertantly forgotten and the ArmA community for providing all the other information required for creating these units.

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