WIP report - New island by ebanks
Work in progress

ebanks showed in our forums his first island creation attempt.

Quote ebanks :
It is my first attempt at a map so it may not be the greatest but hey it sure is fun to create something new!

3-ebanks_island_01.jpg 3-ebanks_island_02.jpg 3-ebanks_island_03.jpg

Basic facts:
    -Roughly based on the area of Shekhabad, Afghanistan.
    -1024x1024 Map
    -20.4 x 20.4
    -Global Mapper and Google Earth was used for heights and satellite.
    -And a big thanks to Nicholas Bell for allowing me to use his objects!

3-ebanks_island_04.jpg 3-ebanks_island_05.jpg 3-ebanks_island_06.jpg

You can follow this island development in this topic.

Written on 2009-10-12 07:41 by ebanks  

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