Author: Foxhound
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Requirements: Extended eventhandlers (xeh) by Solus & Killswitch

Version: 0.61c TCP

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Date: 2008-05-21 16:10

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CZM (Crappy Zombie Mod)
Nemesis & Teacup & william1

SQF conversion and sounds by Charon

Extract the file to your ArmA\Addons directory or as we always recommend use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

You find the zombies under independent/NEM ZOMBIES in the editor.
Set RACS to friendly to NOBODY, otherwise the zombies won't be attacked by soldiers.
Stay away from using independent soldiers other than zombies/infected.
They won't be categorized properly by the other units in the map.

Youtube video by william1:

Known issues:Change log
- Headshots won't make a difference.
A bug introduced with patch 1.05 prevents body part class declarations!
- The Zombies stack up all the sounds they are issued to say when attacking
- The "strokefist" animation sometimes does not get played and still the zombie scores a hit
- The whole movement of the zombies is still improvable

Change log:
V 0.61c TCP:
- incorporated TCP animations thanks to Teacup

V 0.61c:
- Additional zombie type definitions are now recognized correctly by the main scripts

V 0.61
- Medics now get identified as intended and will feature the right antidote count in their inventory
- Dead infected humans now correctly resurrect as zombies
- An attempt was made to eliminate the error that the zombies won't show up on some user systems

V 0.6:
- Added Antidote Container to Empty/NEM_objects which holds 20 syringes of the Antidote
- The infection counter can be changed by the mission maker by putting (NEM_INFCOUNTER=Number of seconds) in his mission init file.
- An Antidote against the zombie virus is added as a magazine called NEM_Antidote (eg this addmagazine "NEM_Antidote")
- Once a human is infected with the virus a 5 minute counter is started within which he can be cured by a medic carrying the antidote. The player can cure himself if he carries the antidote action menu.
- Variable NEM_WPENABLED=true to use waypoints for the zombies. They will not chase humans while in this mode!!! Switch back to NEM_WPENABLED=false to let them chase humans again.
- Zombies that are in listed in an array called NEM_HALTLIST, will not move at all. Good for indoor scenarios where zombies lure in a house. They will however start to move and hunt any human that is in that array too. So if you use NEM_HALTLIST=thisList in a trigger you can achieve that.
- Fixed: Objects (cars/tanks etc.) can't be infected anymore
- Unknown killed humans will resurrect now as default zombies.

Up to V0.5:
- Fixed some typos
- Additonal infected units definitions can be done now
- Infected Units are now covered in blood
- Zombies now feed off the slain humans with an animation.
- New Zombie vehicle class "NeM Zombies Slow" that introduces "Dawn of the Dead"-style zombies that walk very slow, but have a higher armor. NEM_OLDSCHOOL tweak is therefore obsolete.
- New zombie classes. Pretty much all units in the game can be used as default zombies/infected units in the editor including Marian Quandt, the reporter and the prime minister
- Attack animations play now smoothly
- Zombies won't react to a soldier that is way above them anymore as they could not reach him anyway.
- Zombies face now the attacked human and it happens less frequently that they hit empty space.
- Armor values tuned
- New sounds added, more variety of attack sounds, the zombies will moan and breathe once in a while.
- Fixed zombie movement and issues where many would just stand around
- The zombies are now setposed "UP"
- Infected humans will resurrect and become zombies now!

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