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Rhodesy_77 released screenshots on our forums showing the updated DPCU colors.

Quote Rhodesy_77:
ok small update. this is the latest, and hopefully the last tweak to the DPCU colours... i think ive got them pretty close, or as close as i can get with the arma2 engine, as it handles some colours weirdly... also its not ment to look like a BRAND new set of cams, but instead some well worn in cams , also still have to add some more dirt and details as bit to clean for me atm :P, also u can see that ive added the two front pockets and the rank slide on the front. in the future i wish to have actual ranks on the rank slide depending on their rank in the editor. but that can come later.

anyway here are the pics.

also you can see the new knife on the side of the webbing there. missing textures atm but.


8582-dpcu1.jpg 8582-dpcu2.jpg

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Written on 2009-10-19 11:41 by Rhodesy_77  

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