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TeRp informed the community on the BI forums the Bundeswehr Mod team have released version 1.7 of the BWMod for ArmA2.
Now there is an ACE2 config available, only install these files if you are going to use BWMod with ACE2.

Quote TeRp :
We've just released version 1.6 of our mod.
This version includes the most of our addons in desert camo and some carefully chosen addons with ISAF markings.
Thanks to Xeno the mod is now fully ACE-compatible, however Extended Eventhandlers are now required for the mod to work.
On a side node: we will provide a seperate config which will make some ACE specific changes, e.g. to the solider loadouts, on a later date.

Key Features:
- includes various personal weapons in use with the German Bundeswehr
- includes various character models: squadleader, rifleman, tank crew, ...
- includes various wheeled vehicles: MAN 5t truck variants ,TPz Fuchs 1A6, Fuchs BAT, ...
- includes various tracked vehicles: Wiesel 2 Ozelot (new), SPz Marder 1A5, Leopard 2A6, ...
- includes UH-1D transport helicopter
- includes most vehicles in NATO camo and desert camo and with ISAF markings
- supports both XEH & ACE (beta) (new)
- seperate ACE config available (new)
- customizable tactical signs
- customizable license plates
- customizable rank patches
- customizable tank ids
- new script effects: screen shakes when high powered weapons are fired nearby
- new script effects: unique vehicle smoke screen
- new script effects: Panzerfaust 3 backblast
- numerous missions, including coopevent missions used during the betaphase of our addons

Written on 2010-05-30 17:46 by Foxhound  

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