Author: BWMod Team
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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 1.7
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The Bundeswehr mod adds many different weapons, units and vehicles to your ArmA 2.

Date: 2009-05-30 17:42

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Bundeswehr Mod
BWMod Team

The Bundeswehr Mod (BWMod) is an Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault and ArmA II modification creating realistic and high quality German Bundeswehr addons.
Founded in early 2001 by Peiper, the mod has an eventful past.
After a few very successful releases for Operation Flashpoint the mod was closed in 2003 due to internal disputes. However, part of the original team combined forces again and joined M.M.P. (Military Mod Project) to continue working on addons for Operation Flashpoint.
Though M.M.P. was meant to focus on creating addons for various armys all over the world the fanbase of the original BWMod put a lot of pressure on the remainder of the team to create and release German addons and eventually succeeded. After another batch of Bundeswehr addon releases the M.M.P. team realised it should refocus on their roots. This led to the closure of M.M.P. and the refounding of the Bundeswehr Mod in 2005.
The following years were the most successful years for the BWMod and it's team, releasing more than 30 addons and becoming one of the most famous and most anticipated mods for Operation Flashpoint.
Due to Armed Assault beeing a disapointment the team went into depression and only released a few very basic beta versions of some of their addons.
But today the BWMod is still kicking and continues to develope addons for the successor to Armed Assault, ArmA II, even though there's just a handfull of members left.

All our addons are made with the best effort to be as realistic as possible and free of bugs.
However, nobody is perfect and there are still a lot of engine limitations so bear with us if something is wrong.
The current release includes German infantry as well as numerous personal weapons and vehicles in use by the German Bundeswehr.

The current release features a number of coop missions by various mission designers.
A full list of all missions and their creators can be found in chapter 5.
We've also included three 'event missions' that have been used to beta test our addons in a real gaming environment. This missions are meant to be played a high number of players and in a tactical way and therefor might not be suitable for public servers (these missions might also include serious gameplay bugs).

Key features:
- includes various personal weapons in use with the German Bundeswehr
- includes various character models: squadleader, rifleman, tank crew, ...
- includes various wheeled vehicles: MAN 5t truck variants ,TPz Fuchs 1A6, Fuchs BAT, ...
- includes various tracked vehicles: Wiesel 2 Ozelot (new), SPz Marder 1A5, Leopard 2A6, ...
- includes UH-1D transport helicopter
- includes most vehicles in NATO camo and desert camo and with ISAF markings
- supports both XEH & ACE (beta) (new)
- seperate ACE config available (new)
- customizable tactical signs
- customizable license plates
- customizable rank patches
- customizable tank ids
- new script effects: screen shakes when high powered weapons are fired nearby
- new script effects: unique vehicle smoke screen
- new script effects: Panzerfaust 3 backblast
- numerous missions, including coopevent missions used during the betaphase of our addons

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Config for use with A.C.E.2.

Included .pbo files:

See the included readme file for more info how to use this mod in your missions.

Known issues:
We know there are some errors on the Marder 1A5 (e.g. invisible crew), but we've decided to release it in it's current state as it is still playable. We will fix these bugs once our team finds more time to spend on the mod.

Credits & Thanks:
The Team
burns Colditz
ebola Helifreak
Ivan Meister-Z
metalchris Praetorian
Snorri TeRp
Terrorpeter turk3y

With special thanks to (in alphabetical order): and Cervo for supplying us with the best hosting service ever. for supplying us with a server to test our addons on
da12thmonkey, Panzerfaust 3 weapon animation, animation tutorial for ArmA (II)
DirtyHarry[TPC], missions & testing
Operation Peacekeeper (, supplying us with manpower, models, textures, sounds:
- UH1D (original model: badscull, original textures: blackjack)
RockOfSL, beeing helpful and obliging whenever needed, Dynamic Rotor System

- added: Wiesel 2 Ozelot
- added: ACE config
- modified loadouts: using default G36, less magazines for machine gunners
- removed backpack from medic
- more inventory slots for medic
- changed: added G36 featuring both optic modes in vanilla ArmA 2, fully compatible to ACE
- changed: more detailed LKW 5t shadow volumes
- changed: reduced L55 dispersion
- fixed: fired eventhandlers on vehicles did not work
- fixed: wrong crew in Fuchs 1A6 desert variants
- fixed: UH-1D SAR damage textures did not work
- fixed: LKW 5t ammo variant damage textures didn't work
- fixed: numerous bugs related to XEH implementation
- fixed: driver pos in Marder 1A5 was a little bit too low

- added map icons for Fuchs variants and Marder 1A5
- added XEH support (thx to Xeno)
- added ACE support (thx to Xeno)
- added soldiers in desert camo
- added vehicles in desert camo
- fixed: normal map on medic arm patch
- removed LKW 5t wreck script

- Fuchs BAT hatches were white in higher resolution lods
- Fuchs wheels didn't have damage textures in higher resolution lods
- Fuchs BAT didn't have damage textures
- added Panzerfaust fire effects
- added damage textures for crewmen
- Leopard turret doesn't need a running engine anymore
- man 5t engine off sound was only played when inside the vehicle
- vehicles now have fixed tactical signs
- mg gunners didn't have a full inventory
- mg gunners now have two hand grenades
- increased mg3 recoil
- white faces on mg4
- shadow was visible on helmet in higher lods
- coax muzzleflash appeared when firing the smoke launcher on leopard
- untextured faces in 2nd mg4 lod
- leopard 2a6 zoom
- Fuchs BAT had erroneous low poly shadow lod

– Added crew character models
– Added Leopard 2A6
– Added LKW 5t variants (ammo, fuel, repair)
– Added Fuchs BAT variant
– Gameplay Changes: medics can no longer carry machine guns or manpads
– Completely revised Fuchs lods
– Revised texures and speculars
– Fixed numerous RPT-Errors

- fixed displaced Panzerfaust 3
- fixed missing damage textures on Fuchs
- fixed shining goggles
- and more

- First release

Forum topic:
- BI forums
- BI forums (old topic)

- Community Base addons

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