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Date: 2007-02-16 05:05

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Helicopter Insertion-Extraction Template

I compiled this template long time ago and use it almost any of my missions where a chopper inserts you somewhere.
The base of these scripts are Snypiers Helo Insertion Template (you can find it on OFPEC), which already works fine. I just wanted to have it more perfect, especially the extraction part.

The most easiest way to use this template is if you merge it into your mission and then copy the folder "scripts" to your mission folder. The existing playergroup you then can modify.

I choosed the name so that there shouldn't are any conflicts. But I specify here the used names and what you must change if you want to use other names.

xhelo = Name of the Blackhawk
xgroup = Groupname of the cargo unit

The Unitnames (s1,s2,s3,s4) are not required, same with the groupname of the Blackhawk.

If you want to change the names, you need to modify the following scripts in the folder "Scripts":

and of course the mission.sqm

The Template and used scripts are tested in Multiplayer and are working, though I can't guarantee that it works everywhere and at all times.

Known Problems:
    - Sometimes the chopper comes to the extraction but then leaves immediately again (very rare)
    - Sometimes the pilots land their bird in trees (OFP resp. ArmA thing)
    - In ArmA the pilots land the chopper that hard so it gets damaged.
    - The scripts are in the old .sqs format, thus wasting resources

If you like to use this template in your mission, I would be grateful if you would give Snypier and me credit in the readme etc.

Snypier - for his very useful Helicopter templates - f�r useful notations and help with scripting and editing
Snakeman - Parts of the extraction script are from him

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