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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2
Signed: Yes, server key included

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Date: 2009-10-26 10:30

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Australian Special Air Service Regiment

Various operators from the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). Units based off of Jonny's U.S. Special Forces models.
Includes 13 soldiers in light and heavy gear, totaling 26 units.

As we always recommend) use mod folders to keep your mods organized and to prevent errors in the future.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

There are 2 groups of soldiers which can be found under the Blufor / ARD Australian SASR in the Editor:
    -ARD SASR Desert - SASR units in DPDU camouflage uniforms
    -ARD SASR Woodland - SASR units in DPCU camouflage uniforms
Known issues:
- A few weird bugs but nothing major.
- Not tested in Multiplayer so I cannot say in that regard whether there are issues.

Credits & thanks:
I couldn't have made these units without a lot of help and resources from others:

Jonny for his excellent models and textures which I used as a base for these.
TheVipersFang for excellent references and information.
HL2 Halloween Team

If I missed anyone let me know, my apologies.

- Fixed all known texture and normal map issues (the leg holster straps but no leg holster).
- Fixed a model issue on the Scout units.
- Added a Woodland Machine gunner.
- Added all missing items (radio, map, watch, etc.) to all units
- Replaced all heads with head proxy, which fixed almost all issues with the heads i.e. eyes closed, bad looking textures, all camo faces, etc.
- Added additional groups to the editor (Woodland Squad, Woodland Patrol, Desert Squad, Desert Patrol)

- Fixed "Pumpkin Head" Bug
- Fixed RVMAT errors
- Added unit icons for command menu
- Greetings and unit chat now working
- Added real SASR units

- First release

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