Coop mission : Operation Firefly ported to Sahrani
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]NTRUDER has released in our our forums a new version of this coop mission for ArmA2 which now takes place in the Sahrani island.

Quote ]NTRUDER :
This is a ported version of the original Operation Firefly mission on Chernarus. This time it's set on beautiful Sahrani!

Co-op mission for up to 14 players. USMC infantry (5+5) in Alpha and Bravo team, heli pilots (2) in Charlie team and Snipers (2) in Delta team. All need to work together to achieve the objectives. The main goal with this operation is to cause destruction to the Russian AA capabilities on Sahrani, to take out a nuclear equipped aircraft and to eliminate a high ranking Russian officer.

Written on 2009-10-24 08:37 by Big  

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