SP mission : Worms' Meat by R.M009
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R.M009 has submitted a new SP mission for ArmA2.

Quote R.M009 :
In this mission you can take up the SPETZNAS team OR the Spetznas sniper, who is on a mission to take out some American officers.
If you play as the "S" team you start off at a point where you execute members of a Resistance camp.

You then wait for the helicopter to come and pick you up. The helicopter is hit by the other Resistance fighters.

While your extraction helicopter gets hit by a missile and crashes, HE (The sniper) has to help you get across the bridge (if there's trouble waiting for you.) after he's done with his own targets.
(To switch Players just PRESS "T"

Get the JOB done yourself, or use the sniper's precious and limited help. It's your choice...

Written on 2009-10-27 06:02 by Big  

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