SP mission : Operación HammerHead by -=GIR=- Roberto
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-=GIR=- Roberto has informed us he released a new SP mission for ArmA2 in the website.

Notice that this mission is in Spanish, you can check the page download for English info about the objectives and tasks.

Quote -=GIR=- Roberto :
The Russian and American Army have been fighting to control Chernarus for two years, and it looks like the scale tips in favor of the USMC. The last Russian bastion is the city of Chernogorsk. There is only one regiment in the zone to defend it, while most of the Army has already fled to its Mother Land. This regiment is short of armored units and most of them were converted into bunkers waiting for the last battle due to the lack of fuel. It's a lost battle but they will fight desperately.

In this mission you have to destroy all defense points of the city, blow up the headquarters and eliminate all the enemy units.

Written on 2009-10-30 14:02 by Big  

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