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Requirements: Infantry Pack, Vilas Weapons Packs

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Short description: This pack consists of both Modern and Historic Egyptian infantry soldiers with the addition of Historic Syrian soldiers.

Date: 2009-11-01 22:02

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Modern and Historic Egyptian infantry pack
Lost Brothers

Egyptian Infantry-
These are the regular infantry of the Egyptian Army made up of largely conscripts along with some career officers and NCOs. They are equipped with the standard 7.62mmX39mm AKM Assault Rifle, the PKM Machine Gun, and the RPG-7 Anti-tank rocket launcher. In addition officers carry the Port Said M-45 SMG and Tokarev 7.62x25mm pistol while snipers are equiped with the Russian made SVD sniper rifle. In addition there are highly capable engineer units who are equipped with landmines and satchel charges in order to carry out demolition missions as well as area denial missions and anti-armor missions against enemy armor with the usage of land mines.

Unlike Western armies, the Egyptian officers basically take up most of the roles that senior NCO's carry out in Western forces. In the past the Egyptian Army was notoriously sluggish tactically due to the old Soviet doctrine of warfare which they used throughout most of their past conficts in modern history. However with increased joint training with the United States along with a rapidly modernizing military force, the Egyptian Army is gradually turning into a powerful military machine reshaping itself to the realities of modern warfare.
Unlike most Western forces however, the Egyptian military has been slow in taking up the usage of modern body armor, although it is available to some elite units.
Helmets are generally older M40 style helmets with Kevlar liners comparable to American 80's era M1 steel pot helmets with Kevlar liners.

(Miles Teg commentary- I have personally trained with the Egyptian Army and observed a high degree of professionalism in their military. Their uniforms also appeared very comfortable with open sleeves and beautiful suede combat boots perfectly suited for desert combat).

In this pack are both the older "scrambled eggs" cammo patern' as well as the newer "chocolate-chip" desert BDU's used by U.S. forces during Desert Storm in the early 90's.

Egyptian Commandos- Al Quwaat Al-Khaasat
These are the cream of the crop of the Egyptian Army. Generally these are career oriented soldiers who are taken from the best of the regular infantry and airborne corps. They recieve a much higher degree of training in special operations tactics such as airborne insertions, small boat insertion, demolition, raiding, long range recon, and assassination. They are equipped in this addon with folding stock AK-47's, M16's, and M240's. They also carry rifle grenades, RPG-7's, Port Said M-45's and Tokarev 7.62x25mm pistols. In addition saboteur units are equipped with satchel charges and land mines. Snipers are equipped with advanced sniper rifles to include the M-24 SWS and HK PSG-1 sniper rifles.

Egyptian 130th Amphibious Brigade
These are Egypt's equivalent to the US Marines. While not a large part of the Egyptian military, they are a critical component in operations in which large scale amphibious assaults are conducted via landing craft and helicopter from larger naval ships. These units are well equipped with PASGT helmets, and American made M-16A2 rifles, M240 (FN-MAG) machine guns, as well as a few Russian weapons such as the RPG-7. These units have a proud history and espirit de corp.

Egyptian Naval Commandos (Al-Quaat Al Khaasat)
These are the equivalent of the US Navy SEAL teams. The naval commandos generally serve in support of the 130th Amphibious Brigade by conducting such missions as the recon of beaches for possible amphibious landings, long range recon to identify enemy defenses and targets, as well as special operations such as assassinations of enemy officers and deep rear area strikes on enemy supply lines and bases.
Trained in small craft insertion, airborne insertion, and equipped with Western gear and weaponry, these naval commandos provide a potent special operations capability to the Egyptian Navy.

Historic Infantry-
These infantry are from both the 6-Day War and Yom Kippur War era in which much of the basic infantry equipment and uniforms remained the same. The only difference was in the Yom Kippur War, the Egyptian commando units began wearing a distinct camoflaged uniform that was reversible. Only one side is shown in this simulation. The weapons used are all found in the required addons at the bottom of this readme. They include such interesting weapons as the awesome Hakim rifle (extremely accurate and deadly) and M45 Port Said. Sniper rifles consist of the SVD (Yom Kippur War era) and the time-tested Mosin-Nagant sniper rifles.

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Included .pbo files:

Credits & thanks:
Modern Egyptian infantry soldiers: PASGT helmets by HYK with cammo helmet covers by Miles Teg<GD>. Main models by BIS with equipment a mixture of BIS and models by Vipersheart. Camoflaged textures by Miles Teg<GD>.

Historic infantry:
Base models by Vilas. Equipment by Vilas. Textures by Topas modified into tan by Miles Teg<GD>. Some equipment by BIS.
Cold Weather coat by Namman2 modified heavily by Miles Teg<GD>

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