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Version: 1.0a

Date: 2009-11-04 10:26

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Op. Golden Retriever

The basic premise of the mission is to locate the downed UAV. This mission is completely randomised - objective locations and defenses, squads sizes, motor patrols and weather will always vary. The mission should play out differently everytime.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Developer notes:
Here is a list of nifty components to be found in this mission:
Random Group Spawn code by Odin
- This piece of code has turned out to be the most important piece of my future mission making. Using GameLogic objects, this code will spawn random enemy groups of Infantry, Motorised, Mechanised, Armour and Air. In conjunction with Binesi's taskDefend and taskPatrol code, randomised mission making has never been simpler.

Medical/Revive by Norrin
- Need I say more, code that turned ARMA on its head and continues to enhance ARMA II like no other piece of scripting.

CEP Unit Caching by Myke
- This code is originally from Myke's ARMA I Coop Essentials Pack. I have heavily modified it and it now supports vehicle units. Considering this mission spawns 250+ AI units from the start, this would not have been possible without this code.

CreateComposition/CreateCompositionLocal by ArmaTec
- If you don't know what compositions are yet, make sure you find out. I modified this code to spawn aesthetic objects locally on the client and mounted objects (MG Nests, etc) on the server so the AI can man them. It cut down the server workload by 90%. Extremely handy code if you use lots of compositions.
- If you want to create your own compositions (this mission has an RU checkpoint), CreateCompositionLocal will use custom composition code.

Weapons on Respawn by Xeno
- Another scripting legend, I've only used one of Xeno's masterpieces in this mission.

Improved taskDefend and taskPatrol by Binesi
- Binesi posted these improved BIS functions around the same time I was asking myself the same question. Placing patrols and defensive squads has never been simpler.

On-the-fly GFX Changer by Deadfast
- Simple graphical viewdistance and terrain control. Very slick interface, although I've hardcoded the terrain detail in this mission, as I didn't think it was fair on the AI.

Missions Conditions Selector - F2 MP Framework
- Another handy script, I modified it slightly for JIP client time setting, but it works a treat otherwise.

creoBellum scripts:
Here are some of my own scripts, which you are free to use with credits intact.

Aerial Patrol (AerialPatrol.sqf)
- A quick script that spawns an aerial patrol for your Area of Operation, who will happily engage if they spot you. I've had units successfully patrol for over 3 hours into a mission. A new group will respawn if you destroy the current patrol.

JIP Briefing (JIPBriefing.sqf)
- JIP Briefings are a real pain. This is my current model for consecutive objectives which is JIP compatible.

Enemy weapon reload (RUStaticRearm.sqf)
- This script will scan ammo levels across all static enemy DSHKM, AGS, D30, and MG Nests, and re-arm them to keep up the fire fight.

JIP Markers (JIPMarkers.sqf)
- If you create markers dynamically (not in the editor), you'll find that JIP clients will not get them. This is a bit of code to get around that issue.

Player Weapon Loadout (PlayerInit.sqf)
- Sets up weapon loadout based on mission selector and unit model. Works for human and AI playable units.

Hide Bodies (cB_HideCorpses.sqf)
- Inspired by Mr Murrays code, this one liner will remove dead bodies from the mission with no additional triggers or objects. Just add the script to your Init.sqf - very simple.

- Identify map locations within a rectangular marker - handy for randomising enemy composition locations.

- Uses markers to patrol vehicles randomly from one marker to another. Excellent to ensure all parts of your Area of Operation are patrolled.

Credits & thanks:
Mission concept by Delta 51
Mission design by

This mission was started June 2009 and is finally ready for release. The guys at creoBellum and the AEF have assisted me in testing this mission for over 30+ releases and I now believe it is good for public consumption.

Thanks to:
Briefing text by Abize/Kebab_the_Lamb
Patient mission testers from cB and AEF
Random Group Spawn code by Odin
Medical/Revive by Norrin
General Scripting Help by Dr Eyeball
CEP Unit Caching by Myke
CreateComposition by ArmaTec
Weapons on Respawn by Xeno
Improved taskDefend and taskPatrol by Binesi
On-the-fly GFX Changer by Deadfast
Missions Conditions Selector - F2 MP Framework
"The Mark Has Been Made" by Trent Reznor,NIN

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