Coop mission : The Shot by Tressle

Tressle has submitted his first mission for ArmA2.

Quote Tressle :
As an sniper eliminate the target and move to extract. The objectives are:

1. Move to position
You start off to the North-east of Chernogorsk and have to make your way just to the factory complex on the edge of the city. Take up position on the roof (be careful of enemy snipers) and prepare to fire.

2. Eliminate the Target
The target to be eliminated is meeting on the docks. Due to the high status of the target there will be a large amount of enemies in and around the city along with checkpoints. Once in position (see objective 1) eliminate the target and move to extract.

3. Move to extract
This will be the hardest part of the mission as the enemies will be aware. Expect patrols everywhere. There is an abandoned FOB to the North of Chernogorsk which can be used for cover if engaged, there may be weapons inside. Be aware of a suspected outpost to the West of the extraction point.

Written on 2009-11-04 12:32 by Big  

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