Armed Assault Final Patch Plans and new beta patch release

Maruk released a statement about Bohemia Interactive's Armed Assault support plans as well as a new beta patch on the BI forums.

Quote Maruk :
I would like to apologize for massive delay with finalization of Armed Assault version. Release of Arma II required much more effort than we could imagine. However, we did not forget our previous title and we still intend to leave it in as good shape as possible.

We are aware there are some critical bug fixes already in 1.16 and we also managed to do some more fixes in 1.17 that we hope may increase stability and future compatibility of ARMA I.

We intend to use 1.17 as the very last EXE revision for first ARMA.
We currently have very little resources to test this new revision and we ask the community to help with testing it. If you still have Arma 1 and have time to test this latest version please give it go and post your observations to the forums.

There is only one thing that matters in this regard is that the version 1.17 does not introduce any serious new issues not present in 1.14 (the last official version). All other issues has to stay.

We will be reading the forums in next 1 or 2 weeks and hopefully make 1.17 the final official release for Armed Assault very soon.

Written on 2009-11-04 19:40 by Foxhound  

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