USMC Winter Infantry Units
Work in progress

]NTRUDER released screenshots on our forums showing his USMC Winter Infantry units.

Hi all,

I'm just finishing up my USMC Winter Infantry units.

Note that my aim has not been to make perfect replicas of the real life winter camos. I'm doing this on a very tight time budget lol... Still I think my units can be a nice addition to any winter island mission.

Here are some screens:

8582-nt_usmc_winter1.jpg 8582-nt_usmc_winter2.jpg 8582-nt_usmc_winter3.jpg
8582-nt_usmc_winter4.jpg 8582-nt_usmc_winter5.jpg 8582-nt_usmc_winter6.jpg

You can post your feedback in the USMC Winter Infantry Units topic.

Written on 2009-11-06 12:30 by ]NTRUDER  

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