Week Report #104
Work in progress

* ArmA2 - Chill xl wip island

    Chill xl informed the community he started working on a new island for ArmA2.
    Quote Chill xl :
    Here are some screens of the map I'm working on. The map is 10 x 10km and based on real height data, elevation ranges roughly from 30m to 1000m.
    The terrain is hilly and mountainious, the highest area is found on the big mountain plateau seen on the screens in the background.
    Alot of terrain is covered by light pine tree forests and alot of rocks. The hills, rocks ans trees around provide good cover and alot of freedom to move / flank. The terrain also gives rahter good overview due to the spaced trees and hill tops.

    4-chill_xl_mountains1.jpg 4-chill_xl_mountains2.jpg 4-chill_xl_mountains3.jpg

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* ArmA2 - US Vehicle Texture Pack

    Marc15yo continued working on his US Vehicle Texture Pack.
    Quote Marc15yo :
    Schnapsdrosel has agreed to let me add his desert marine soldiers in the config for the desert vehicles. Expect to see them in action on the next release. RicoADF will be working on integrating them into the addon.
    In the mean time until we decide a good russian/ofpfor desert scheme I will finish the usa side as planned with some snow vehicles for the upcoming and current snow islands.

    I figured instead of giving them a snow camouflage, they might look cooler if I covered them with snow. To make them look like they've been doing a lot playing in the snow.
    The First vehicle I've done are the M1A1 and the M1A2 Tusk. they were meant to be tests to see if I could achieve the right look.

    4-arma22009-11-0219-15-43-60.jpg 4-arma22009-11-0219-17-41-85-1.jpg 4-arma22009-11-0219-18-15-94-1.jpg 4-arma22009-11-0219-57-46-24-1.jpg 4-arma22009-11-0220-04-44-86-1.jpg

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* ArmA2 - Tv Guided Bombs/Missiles

    nuxil informed the community about some progress he made with the next version of his TV guided system.

    Quote nuxil :
    Major changes from 1.01 to 1.1:
      - Redid the dialog
      - Recoded alot of the scripts "most of them"
    Features in Tvs:
      * Flir on/off
      * Flir color swap "normal/inverted"
      * Hud color swap white/black <- new
      * Screen marker <- new
      * Marker tracker <- new
      * Toggle camera after release <- new
    If nothing unexpected happens I'll have it uploaded in a few days.
    Here is a small video I put together in min 5 or so. Hard to see the marker mode but you'll have the chance to test it out soon.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA2 - Project: UK Forces

    orson from the Project UK forces released a video showing the UKF fv510 which is still being worked on.

    jeftec informed the community about the current status of the Project: UK Forces.

    Quote :
    The future for PUKF:

    With the recent departure of two of our old timers leaving the modding scene, there has been slight confusion whether or not PUKF will be still releasing models for Arma2..... Well the good news is YES!
    Our plan is to release all the models that are currently sitting around on our harddrive's gathering dust that we deem fit for release. This list includes the Warrior, (shown below).

    Following on from this great model will be several members of the CVRT family, the Pinzgauer, AS-90 and finally the Mastiff PPV. After the final release we will be then starting a new lineup of fresh "Built for Arma2" models incorporating the latest shaders and engine tweaks, this approach we feel will give you guys high quality placeholder models until the next gen of PUKF models see the light of day. As always we cannot specify release dates, but we are all currently working hard to finish off "one model at a time!

    PUKF Needs you!
    We currenly have a slot available for a config wizkid who lives, loves, and breathes configs! If your heart and soul is everything British military and you want to join a mature, goodlooking, professional team, please PM one of our team members.

    For more info regarding our plans for the future, more news and higher res screenshots, please visit us at

    4-war1copy.jpg 4-war2copy.jpg

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* ArmA2 - Krasnostav Airport

    M3th0s released a demonstration video of his Krasnostav Airport

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* ArmA2 - CSLA mod

    Yano.t11 started working on an addon for the CSLA mod, it is the OT65A Otter scout car. Some parts need to recude amount of polys, but the exterior model is nearly done.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA2 - Tactical missile

    USSRsniper showed a screenshot of the Tactical missile he has been working on. He only needs to make the missile launch script.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA2 - OKB 915 addons

    Soul_Assassin released a new screenshot showing bmd1.

    - BI Forums

* ArmA2 - A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod 2

    Again tpM released a feature video of the A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod 2.

    scubaman3D showed a quick teaser of Panda's M4 (which were in ACE1). The shortdot is Dasquade's.


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Read this weeks entire Work In Progress report by clicking "Read more"!!

* ArmA2 - Switzerland Mod 2

    HDlaeppli from the switzerland-mod informed the community he is back at work on the Switzerland Mod for Arma2.
    Quote HDlaeppli :
    I know, long time no News from SWM, but im back now and continue the work. I do have to incorporate something into the new tools ect.....
    I got feedback from many people the want the SWM weapons from A1 for A2 so, me and Darkgiver have started with porting the SWM weapons.
      - The New SWISS Weapons for ARMA2 will come out as a standalone Addon
    When we deal with the weapons we will devote the rest of the SWM modification.
    The Plan for the future is all .pbo`s from SWM V1.3 (Arma1) to release as standalone addons and as a whole pack.
    Here a first screen of the SIG550 GL97 AIM and the SIG 552 MP AIM.

    4-arma2-swiss-armory_1.jpg 4-arma2-swiss-armory_2.jpg

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* ArmA2 - Binkowski SF Units

    Binkowski released a few screenshots showing his next ArmA2 units which will be released soon.
    4-binkowski_multi_sf_1.jpg 4-binkowski_multi_sf_3.jpg
    4-binkowski_multi_sf_2.jpg 4-binkowski_multi_sf_4.jpg

    And here is just another project along with Binkowski's Special Forces.


    - BI Forums

* ArmA2 - FDF mod

    Norsu released a few new screeenshot showing their M05 troops:
      - Basic M05 Jaeger
      - M05 Jaeger Squad Leader
      - M05 Jaeger Machinegunner Assistant
      - M05 RDF Rifleman
    4-fdf_m05_jaeger1.jpg 4-m05_rdf1.jpg
    4-m05_jaeger_sl1.jpg 4-m05_mgasst1.jpg

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* ArmA2 - B17 - trials

    CSJ released a video showing he has managed to add a B17 style aircraft with multi turrets using some of ArmA2's new features.
    It only has 8 of the guns setup for test but they all work good in game, with AI or player at controls.

    - BI Forums

Again many thanks to kheiro for his continous stream of links to new material for ArmA2! 

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