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Date: 2009-11-10 13:39

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F-117A NightHawk Stealth Fighter

The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is a stealth ground attack aircraft formerly operated by the United States Air Force. The F-117A's first flight was in 1981, and it achieved Initial Operational Capability status in October 1983. The F-117A was "acknowledged" and revealed to the world in November 1988.

01: Beta (Horizontal AOA)
02: AOA
03: MFD HSI (including waypointing and airport waypointing, TimeToTarget and DistanceToTarget and heading)
04: Radar Altitude (up to 1000 meters, bug set to 100 meters)
05: Standby Attitude Indicator
06: Trims Indicators (Elev/Rudder/Aileron)
07: Slip Indicator
08: Fuel/RPM/EGT/FuelFlow Counters
09: Fuel (including Bingo and Low Warning) Indicator
10: Oxygen (1 RT hour supply)
11: G-Force Indicator (including Max-G Attained Needle)
12: Eyebrow Indicators (Warnings for RadarAlt, RCS, Stall, BingoFuel,Chute)
13: MFD Attitude Indicator (including AOA/Speed/VertSpeed/Altitude)
14: Airspeed Indicator
15: Main Attitude Indicator
16: Vertical Speed Indicator
17: Altimeter (Accurate to 9000 meters)
18: Standby HSI Indicator
19: WeaponBay lights illuminate when weapon bay is open
20: Landing Gear (Handle moves with gear position and lights (dull green: stowed, red: gear moving, bright green: gear down)
21: Annunciator Panel (warning lights light as required)
22: Both MFD's run through a "boot" sequence when the engine is fired up.
23: Clock (H/M/S)
24: Full HUD

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Extra controls:
DLIR sensor is activated via the action menu, to leave the sensor system once fired press "Space bar".

Waypoint System is activated by clicking on the map to set the waypoint marker. This waypoint can be moved
once set by clicking on a new location on the map. The MFD heading will update automatically.

Known issues:
01: GBU-27's can currently be fired with the weapon bay closed.
02: GBU-27's do not fall from lowered proxy position (weapon cradle down).
03: DLIR Sensor script can only be executed once per session.
04: Textures are VERY VERY WIP, no shaders, no normal/spec maps, just a simple diffuse.
05: When taking off, if the execution of the takeoff is not perfect the brake chute might deploy.
06: It is not known at this time if the scripts associated with the F-117A will work in MP.
07: The F-117A currently uses the A-10 soundset.
08: GBU-27's can still be fired outside of the DLIR script system, however this may cause damage to the plane.
09: Illuminated cockpit textures (used for day & night) appear a little too bright during daytime.
10: Loading BOOT BIOS screens may flicker when loading for the first time per session.
11: BETA Gauge (H-AOA) does not currently display H-AOA date but rather rudder data.
12: Currently only one waypoint may be created on the map using the waypointing system.
13: Pilot actions can be performed outside of the plane (ie opening the weapon bay or using the DLIR sensor)
14: Currently only 1 LOD, no shadow LOD and no wreck model.

Credits & thanks:
Fortran - Models/Textures/Scripting
Nuxil - Script fragment for locating angle between two objects
Gigan - Freelook mouse driven camera system (DLIR sensor script base)
Cole - Vapor Trail Script (Taken from Mykes release of the F-16)
Mandoble - Mando Missiles (GBU Guidance system)

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