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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.5
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: A Warfare/CTI dedicated map

Date: 2011-07-27 00:16

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[ADO] Sbrodj

ADO Old Bear

After releasing Sbrodjistan for ArmA, I am back to my initial projected island : Sbrodj.
First unreleased Sbrodj was an unplayable ArmA map. Unplayable due to forest, I have been a victim of the "Schmalfelden syndrom".
Too much trees on the map ... so I had switched to a desert map : it has been Sbrodjistan !

So, back to Sbrodj. The project was to build a Warfare dedicated map. So the main features are :
- a "no corner" structure,
- a roughly symmetrical shape
- a "simplified" map with less objects and more open buildings.
It was also built so it can hosts large tanks battles

Some facts about Sbrodj :
Sbrodj: a divided country!
Once an united country, with Sbrodj as a capital, the Sbrodj country has been divided for years by the Iron Curtain.
You can still get caught in the barbed wire along the Nordgarden-Youjnisad frontier.
A short reunification era has been followed by a year long civil war.
The capital city has been destroyed. The medieval castle is the only standing remain of a former beautiful town.
Everywhere on the island, you can get a glimpse at civil war destructions : town, villages, bridge, houses.
It looks peaceful but the conflict is still smouldering under the ashes ...

Sbrodj features:
- 2 main bases/airports [AI friendly],
- 2 disused WW2 bases for skilled pilots only ;) .
- 2 main towns Severnsk and Zuud,
- one main ruined town, Sbrodj the former capital town,
- many villages, 2 of them ruined,
- a railway network in the North-East part,
- 2 dams
- some bridges,
- and 2 small islands to be used in Warefare ...

The main issues for players are the bumpy roads.
I have already spend too long hours waiting for "road smoothing" witout too much results.
The other source of concern if low FPS and even freeze -on low end PC- at Severnsk and Zuud approach due to the use of many enterable buildings.
The main issue for AI are the "rivers" even if the fording places are numerous and engeneered for AI.

As we always recommend use modfolders to separate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Credits & thanks:
ADO Floosy for his tutorial and help,
ADO HusKy, ADO The_Killer,ADO ANgel,ADO Philippe83 for the Betas testings,
ADO Neo, ADO Benson, ADO Romulus, ADO Drooper63 for bugs reports,
ADO Le Sicilien for the missions !

and all the Clan ADO

- Modified coordinates system, changed to 3 digits
- Modified buildings placement in Severnsk
- Created Prison near Severnsk
- Added intro based upon IceBreakr's Isla Duala intro

v1.4 & v1.4
- v2Test versions

- Suppressed misplaced ruined house on Brk Airbase

- Modified rivers, they are fordable all along, down to anti-salt walls
- Decreased number and size for tall grass clutters
- Suppressed rocks on 2 islets
- Suppressed one shrub model on the whole map
- Modified forests using MaskMapper
- Changed models for various walls in the central valley
- Suppressed objects (walls, shrubs) in the North of central valley
- Modified roads
- Suppressed misplaced ruined houses
- Suppressed rocks and trees on roads

- Modified .cpp as suggested by Kju (Thanks Kju !)
- Repositioning misplaced trees and rocks in the Sbrodj Valley (bug report by Gutm@sher, thanks!)
- Repositioning misplaced walls in Sbrodj.

- Suppressed misplaced ruined house at Bf20,
- Raised the height of the large red hangar in Kombinat,
- Added more than 10 000 various objects providing cover (walls, plants ...) around Severnsk, Brk, Kombinat, in Sbrodj valley and around the 2 main bases,
- Totally rebuilt walls and fences around main bases,
- Repositionning stairs in Sbrodj castle ,
- Added some runway length on Brk base,
- Modified roads and bridges in Norgard area,
- Modified roads in Ioujnisad area,
- Suppressed trees on roads
- Repositionning rail tracks in
- Modified "middle" texture to tweaked down it's brightness.

- Public release.

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- BI forums

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