Mission pack : Red Flare 1 & 2 coop pack updated

JTF-2 Psycho has submitted a new version of this mission pack for ArmA2.

Changes in this version::
    Red Flare V1.1
      - Changed the enemy attack choppers from ! (alive chopper) to ! (notMove chopper). Trigger will thus work when choppers are
      - hit and not fully destroyed
      - Changed the area that enemy have to enter to destroy the ambulance/kill the officer
      - Added AA riflemen and AA vehicles (the Air support was far too easy)
      - Fixed the support convoy moving to position when the air targets are disabled/destroyed
      - Added some extra markers to the map screen to support the radio messages/enemy incoming directions
      - Changed the time so that the time of day option works correctly
    Red Flare 2 v1.1
      - Added enemy Alligator helicopters, Friendly Air support far too easy, potentially a player pilot can take out all the enemy leaving ground troops very bored
      - Added more troops at first objective
      - Players are now infiled in an APC
      - Fixed enemy commander leaving too early. Tracker will now show up on map when he moves off and also will show when the enemy commander is dead.

Written on 2009-11-16 16:33 by Big  

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