Coop missions by R.Flagg

R.Flagg released two coop missions in the BI forums.

Quote R.Flagg :
Hi. I'm going to start with a disclaimer of sorts.

I'm a rookie at playing and editing here, so if these aren't up to professional standards, please cut me some slack. I'm simply trying to make the kind of missions that I wanted to play, and to share them with others.

This game doesn't work like the ones I'm used to, so I'm still confused about addon requirements, client-side vs. server side, which I have to list and which I don't, and lots more.

For example, I use plenty of mods when I play/edit/test, things like SenWeapons, SakuSun, the HDR mod, and that kickass JDT fire and smoke thing..., but they aren't all listed in the Addons part of my missions.sqm's, so I'm thinking they won't be required by folks who download. But.. ya know.. I'm learning here.

Written on 2009-11-14 06:40 by Big  

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