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Requirements: Unsung Vietnam War Mod

Version: beta
Signed: No

Short description: This adds new infantry and marines units to The Unsung Mod.

Date: 2009-11-14 21:23

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The Unsung Mod - Infantry and Marines
The Unsung Mod

This adds new infantry and marines units to The Unsung Mod.

Chuck the 2 pbo's in your already existing
"@UNS_R1Alpha\Addons" folder. Existing folder you ask?
Yes, as these files need the rest of the Unsung Mod files
to work. They will not work on stand alone basis.
Don't have the UNS_R1Alpha release for ArmA 1? Shame on you!
Go get it quick!

Put the SP mission file from the enclosed "SP" folder into your main
ArmA "Missions" folder. Fire up ArmA and play.

p.s. For people that want to keep their UNS_R1Alpha folder clean
for use in MP sessions can setup a seperate mod folder for the 2
pbo's. As the pbo's are not MP ready!

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation how to use modfolders.

Included pbo files:

Remember these are beta's and are only released so you can have
a bit of fun with them untill The Unsung releases for ArmA 2.
We will not be fixing the above problems. Also we will not
be releasing anything else anymore for ArmA 1.
The included files wil not be bisigned or binarized.
Work on ArmA 1 has completely been halted.

Known issues:
- No healing capabilities for medics.
- Unit icons not correct.

- Textures turning black (VC like) in shade.
- When killed, textures change into infantry ones.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

Unsung Vietnam War Mod R1Alpha + updates

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