Wip report - U.S. Military Tractor Trailers
Work in progress

soldier2390 informed the community on our forums he started working on tractors trailers for ArmA2.

Quote soldier2390 :
Its ingame but with no animations (no turning or wheel movements).
We plan to make many versions the first 2 being a flatbed and boxbed trucks but armed and uparmored versions will follow including different types of trailerin camos and greens and maby for a few different countries.

Things to be done:
    - We need someone to animate it and make it turn where the trailor and cab connect!
    - Some new textures are needed for the flatbed, and boxbed trailors(needs re-uvmaped to make the trailor have its own textures, but I cant uvmap yet).
    - Need help with making newer and different types of the newer type of "lowboy" trailers.
    - Needs scripts to hold cargo like tanks and so on!
    - And much more to come as this progresses
Now I can do most of this but with low standards as Im still not that good yet! Anyone willing to help please contact us asap!

4-usmilitary_tractor_trailers_1.jpg 4-usmilitary_tractor_trailers_2.jpg

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Written on 2009-11-17 19:01 by soldier2390  

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