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4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne)

Place the file "my_acutestguy.pbo" in the ArmA\Addons folder. Start ArmA and find new units under West - 4th Psychological Operations Group.

Included files:

The 4th Psychological Operations Group(Airborne) is the US Army's only active duty PsyOps formation and is based on Gruber Rd on Ft. Bradd, NC.
Capable of rapid world-wide deployments to fulfill a variety of special operations missions, the soldiers of 4th Group are the front-lines in the Army's mission to win the hearts and minds of the people. Responsible for conducting information based asymmetrical warfare, soldiers of the 4th Group are trained in linguistics, airborne operations, and special operations warfare.

The 9th Tactical PsyOps Battalion (Airborne) is a subordinate unit of the 4th Psy Ops Group (Airborne), that conducts "face to face," operations in support of maneuver elements within the theater. This battalion has the capability to speak directly with enemy and friendly civilians. Tacitcal PsyOps elements disseminate information normally developed by the regional support battalions through a variety of means.

The declared " Global War on Terror," has seen elements of the 4th Group deployed all over the world in support of actions regarding the GWOT, and teams have distinguished themselves in both Iraq and Afghanistan in Operations Other Than War and Operations of War. Representing the cutting edge of Army
adaptability, soldiers of the 4th Group fulfill a variety of roles, from peacekeeper to moderator, from special operations warrior to interpretor, the psychological operations soldier truly upholds the value of the Full Spectrum Warrior's mission to conduct the Three-Block Warfare stratagem.

All of these characteristics personify the Group's motto, "Words Conquer."

This addon does it's best to represent the fighting forces of a Tactical Psychological Operations team. The units included represent an O-2 (First Lieutenant) acting as the Detachment Leader, an E-6 (Staff Sergeant) acting as the Detachment NCOIC, an E-5 (Sergeant) acting
as a Team Sergeant, and finally 3 different E-4s (Specialist) to fill in the gap. One Specialist is a typical soldier armed with an M4, another is armed with an M249, and the third is the team's Combat Lifesaver so is armed with an M4 and is trained as a First Responder and can treat casualties until more qualified medical personnel can be found.

New Class names:
    - 4thpsy_SoldierWB = the basic Psy Ops soldier. Armed with an M4.
    - 4thpsy_squadleader = The Detachment NCOIC, veteran of multiple deployments,he insures the mission is accomplished . Armed with an m4.
    - 4thpsy_officer = The Detachment Leader, responsible for the goals of a PsyOps team. Armed with an M4 and M9.
    4thpsy_teamleader = The Team Leader takes his authority straight from the NCOIC and can lead in his place. Armed with an M4.
    - 4thpsy_soldiersaw = the basic Psy Ops soldier armed with an M249.
    - 4thpsy_soldiercls = The Combat Lifesaver, sometimes the first and only response to a battlefield casualty, armed with anM4.

Special Thanks:

Thanks go to Frederf from the Official Bohemia nteractive forums for allowing me to use his ACU textured Molle gear.

Thanks also goes to Berowe from the official forums for answering certain questions regarding the makeup of a PsyOps Tac team.

Thanks also goes to soldiers of the 4th Group that I have fought with in the past, befriended in the present, and will fight with in the future.
I'll see you guys on Ardennes!

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