Warfare gamemode : Warfare - Sbrodj updated

Gutm@sher has informed us he released a new version of this ported Warfare - Benny Edition mission to sbrodj in the BI forums.

Changes in this version:
    - civilian boats are present both tied up @ harbor and tooling around in the ocean. the resistance have captured several RHIBs and they are present and useable there as well.
    - added light aa @ harbors and civil air transport. added some aa to airports and unmanned aa at camps sierra and november
    - the resistance has acquired a sizable airforce by defections of insurgents and CDF from neighboring chernarus conflict. however, MOST of the air power is grounded due to lack of pilots. a purge of the defectors occurred due, in part, to their taste in music. all grounded air are useable if you can capture the airports without destroying them. caution is advised if starting or operating near the airports.
    - placed "climb over" objects around the airport chain link fencing to assist ai infantry squads. temp fix but it works!
    - additional tweaking to some start points
    - numerous other small changes probably transparent to the user.

Written on 2009-12-06 19:02 by Big  

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