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Date: 2007-02-26 06:52

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Many aspiring mission makers use scripting, but lack any basic knowledge of programming necessary to understand the restrictions and possibilities the scripting language for Operation Flashpoint poses - thus making it hard for them to learn from other scripts and to script new stuff instead of just copying things they have seen somewhere else.

I will not go into explaining all the commands and offering solutions for all problems, so if you see any commands in my examples that you do not understand, just consult one of the references recommended on page 18.

If you think something is missing, or an explanation or example is wrong or hard to understand, just mail me and I'll try to improve it.
Questions for help with your own scripts will not be answered please understand that I got a life besides OFP.
Asking your questions in one of the many scripting forums (for example at or will bring you in contact with more proficient mission makers than myself and get you an answer more quickly and more thoroughly anyways. When visiting these sites
please use the search function most questions have already been asked and answered more than once.

The most recent version of this document will always be available at my OFP website at (download section, Tutorials). Any commercial distribution of this document is prohibited by the author.

Thanks to all the people participating in the official forum, to Lester for his great command reference, to Mr. Murray for his Editing Anleitung (you showed me the way, man!), to Bohemia Interactive Studio for providing us with this great game, and to all members and friends of my squad SES ( for being such a great bunch of
people to play with.

Daddldiddl (aka Joltan),
August 20, 2003

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