M1151 work in progress release by NZXSHADOWS
Mods and Addons
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Screens by AnimalMother92

NZXSHADOWS released an updated wip version of his M1151 Trucks of which you can follow development in the MRAP Social Group on the BI forums.
Please note this is a work in progress release and NZXSHADOWS is asking for constructive feedback about this work. Check the readme for known issues and make sure to let him know what you think!

I have released a WIP release of The M1151 Trucks that I am currently working on for Arma2. I think this is WIP 3 but I could be wrong. Not able to try it out at the moment. Was on my thumb drive. And yeah, I'm sure there are some thing's jacked up an not right.

Anyways check out the MRAP Social Group for news and whatever.

Written on 2010-02-24 15:50 by NZXSHADOWS  

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