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CrazyPeople (Nutty) has released an update of his "Data Storage software" utility for Armed assault in the support forums.
For anyone who has been looking for a data storage addon for Arma keep reading below. After watching the main Data storage thread on the forums and waiting for several people to create a program to log data I decided to write my own. This utility is a take off from the original idea FWatch.

What does this thing do?
    1. This program adds more functions to Armed Assaults scripting system. The program has to be running for them to work however. It is not a hack of the exe nor is it a collection of Sqf/sqs files.
    2. This allows a mod maker, mission creator, server admin to store data outside of Armed Assault in a live manner. All file access is limited to the main Arma folder where the server or arma was executed. At first I limited it to a special folder but I removed that by request to the main folder as to modify the MPMissions folder.
Download this utility from this page.
More information about this utility can be found in the included documents with explanations and examples.


Written on 2007-05-05 16:45 by Foxhound  

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