Author: Caxton Gibbet
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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 4.1
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Short description: This addon will make a players AI team copy the players stance.

Date: 2010-11-21 12:36

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Copy My Stance
Caxton Gibbet

This addon will make a players AI team copy the players stance.

It would seem that the "Keep Low" command is not entirely a "copy my stance" order as indicated by the vocal command sometimes associated with a "Keep Low" order in game.
In fact when a 'keep low' order is issued to a unit parseing the 'Unitpos unit' command on that unit returns the value "AUTO".
AI units will copy a prone or standing stance.I wanted them to also copy a crouch stance.

The scripts Detect Changes in the player's stance and issue updated stance rules to the players group.Any unit in the players group that is under stance rule "AUTO", 'Keep Low' in menu 7,will act on these rule changes.Any unit that has been given any other stance rule via menu 7 will retain those rules over those issued by the scripts.To have those units return to the system,you need to issue them a "keep Low" order in menu 7.

New to this version of the addon is the key press control system. As before the system is ON on ALL the players team at start up if the player is team leader.
- You now have the ability to switch the system on and off on individuals or groups of your team with a key press.
- To switch the system OFF for a team member or members simply select them and press your assigned "copy stance OFF" key.
- To switch the system ON for a team member or members simply select them and press your assigned "copy stance ON" key.
- To have a team member or members remain in their current stance select them and press your assigned "Hold stance" key.
- The first selected unit will confirm the command on behalf of all selected units.
- The System sleeps while the player is in a vehicle or is not team leader or has no team members.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included files:

Known issues:
The Addon maynot initiate on some custom units.However as long as atleast one unit within the mission is of a compatable type (eg. any vanilla units) the addon will initiate on the players unit.
The addon can be forced on within a mission that contains only non compatable units using the following code somwhere in the mission:
nul = [] execVM "GIB_Copy_Stance\GIB_Copy_Stance_FORCE.sqf";

This addon may be rendered obsolete by future game patches.

- fixed: Left side Command menu will now close after a Stance order has been given.
- Minor fix for the keypress version only.

- Fixed: Removed action menu addition which was causing the Issue with armoury mode.
- Added: key detection to replace action menu addition.
- Added: Ability to switch system on and off for idividual or groups of units.
- Added: Ability to command units or groups of units to remain in their current stance.

- Fixed: Removed Debug text "RUN" which was left in by mistake.

- Added: Support for Prone with launcher animation from SLX and ACE2.(Addons NOT Required).
- Fixed: Player static crouch not being seen on addon start up.

- Created a Work around for the addons faliure to initiate on some addon units.
As long as ANY unit type on which the addon initiates is present in the mission,(eg. ANY vanila units including mounted crew and pilots), then the addon will initiate on the player.

- binarized addon.

- Added checks for player using binoculars and laser designator.
- Added checks for unarmed player.

- refined the system and then Re-wrote all scripts in .sqf format.
- Fixed Issues around teamswitch and joining or leaving Groups.

- Initial release.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base addons

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