Coop mission : Rescue by galzohar

galzohar released his latest coop mission in the BI forums.

Quote galzohar :
A USMC MH-60S had taken heavy damage and landed in a yard in Chernogorsk, which is held by insurgent forces. Your squad including 3 fireteams on humvees and 2 evacuation humvees is to reach them before the insurgents kill them.

This mission is not extremely difficult if you have most slots manned by human players (AI slots can be switched to if you have less than 23), but is definitely not easy at all. No respawns, first aid modules or any revive scripts, so if you die it's over. It's a relatively short but intensive mission.

Downed team is also playable, so keep them alive. They are not well armed and are pinned down, so will most likely not survive if they try make an exit by themselves.

This mission is highly random, so don't expect to know where the enemies are, where they will come from or how many they will have in each group.

Humvees have some gear in the cargo, use it wisely.

Written on 2009-11-30 21:42 by galzohar  

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