Mission pack : GLT Campaign by Legislator

Legislator informed us he released a misison pack featuring a multiplayer campaign in the BI forums.

Quote Legislator :
The Chernarussian Defense War is a fictional continuation of the Chernarus conflict (Harvest Red) and brings the player to a new phase of the caucasian conflict. The history is based on this storyline (sorry for not translating it). A short version will follow (especially in the youtube videos).

Everything began in the "Red october" with the declaration of independence of South Zagoria and the separation from the Republic of Chernarus. Medwedjew set an ultimatum to the US troops to leave the country. President Obama ignored the ultimatum and ensured the republic military aid and full sovereignty. Shortly after the 58th russian army, veterans of the Georgia-war and the Chechnya-war, invaded Chernarus and took over half of the country within days.

The troops of the CDF and the USMC were too spread and had to retreat to the south at the coast line. The USS Khe Sanh was sent back to Chernarus to support the troops. In the meantime a lot of uS troops consisting of the 7th sky corps were taken from Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom of Sahrani to assist the 27th MEU in Chernarus. The situation was never worse before.

On November 1st a new wave of violence shattered the country leading to the Chernarussian Defense War. The russians resupplied the remaining ChDkz troops with new weapons and vehicles, NAPA resistance camps suddenly appeared throughout the country, thousands of refugees left the country fleeing to Takistan and Georgia. Russia lead the war more aggressive than ever before and destroyed whole towns with artillery fire.

But even the western coalition had some dark secrets which will be shown part for part during the conflict. Who will win this war? The Republic of Chernarus with the help of the US or Russia?

Written on 2009-12-01 18:16 by Legislator  

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