Domination gamemode : Domination Panthera by Bushlurker

Bushlurker released a Xeno's Domination mission ported to Panthera Island in the BI forums.

Quote Bushlurker :
Hi everybody!

Recently I've got involved with island making again (hadn't done one since OFP) and wading thru the tutorials and learning the new tools has given me a greater appreciation of just how much work there actually is involved in making a decent terrain - it's unbelievable! To do a half decent job is a thousands of hours commitment!
With OFP in particular, less so with Arma1, there were dozens of islands, but very few missions to suit, so quite often, I felt anyway, all that work went largely unappreciated...

Nowadays, one of the major players in the MP arena is Domination, of course... though I don't make a habit of porting other peoples stuff, I broke my rule when CAA1 was released with a Dom version, purely to try to boost it's initial popularity (coz it's a slightly offputting Biig download).
Recently, I've seen enquiries on more than one user island thread mentioning Domination so I've decided to break my rule again and do a few more basic Domination ports... My main goal being to try and encourage more widespread Multiplayer use of some of the amazing user islands that are, or are about to be released...
Thanks to Xeno's generosity (and often, guidance), everybody customises the hell out of Dom anyway, so I figure that if I do at least the core port, people will be encouraged to get the island on their server for some new scenery, while having the basic mission available to tweak in their usual way...
As an added bonus - lots of people playing Dom all over your island is a great way to betatest terrain.

Written on 2009-12-02 07:38 by Bushlurker  

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