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Version: 2.1

Date: 2009-12-07 16:34

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Hill 265

-Essentially you will insert with your squad into Chernarus and defend a radar installation from an impending Chedaki Assault.
-Most of the mission is during the early evening. 30-45 minutes along NV may be needed. But there are flare traps and plenty of light sources for those that don't like NV.
-Since it's my first mission there are no voice actors or incredible scripts. But quite a few animations, effects, & content; hopefully some decent playability.
-You can complete the mission even if you fail all of the objectives, it will only end if your entire squad is dead.

1-5 players
Group Spawn
8 objectives in and around Staroye
Mission is generally 1-2 hours long
Mission was created and tested on Veteran Mode
I myself have completed the mission on only 4 or 5 occasions, it is difficult.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Just remember it's on group spawn and there are a total of 5 lives.
So even if you don't like to play with AI within your squad, it's good to bring them along and put them somewhere safe for later.

This is my first mission ever, but it's pretty fun.
Has been updated over the course of many months.

Known issues:
When approaching Chernarus initially while still in the chopper, should the driver of a truck survive after it blows up (1in20) -- he requests to be healed at the chopper you are in. This causes the pilot to circle around and hover over the accident indefinitely. This error requires a mission restart, but can only happen in the first 2 minutes and hardly ever occurs. (you don't have to restart, you can eject and walk, but that's crazy)

Change log:
- Changed the mission's name at the .pbo level from beta1 to CO_05_Hill_265_v2.Chernarus
- Removed the underscores from the mission name at the mission display level.
- Error position: <taskCompleted DefendRadar;> --- fixed this taskCompleted tskDefendRadar
- Replaced Miles with the Team Leader character in order to remove the face glitch. It didn't seem to actually effect anything, but it no longer appears in the .rpt.

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