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Date: 2009-12-03 07:13

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Exile War

The Russians have captured three villages to the south of our airbase and have started terrorizing the local population. They have started to slaughter there food stocks and burn there houses. As a part of a NATO force on the island to protect the people we are sending in a platoon of US Marine Forces to combat the situation. Its time to deal with these pesky Russians and stop the atrocities.

The mission is to move south and capture Stary Sobar, there will be strong Russian resistance but with the support available we should be able to make it a swift capture. Once Stary Sobar has been captured move South West and take control of Rogovo. Once Rogovo has been captured there are reports of fuel trucks being stationed further south we don't no exactly where they are but they must be taken out to wound the enemy. There is some satellite reports that suggest there is an ammo cache being used by either the Russians or the Chedaki at the castle so check that out and if you find anything destroy it.

Primary: Secure Stary Sobor
Your task is to secure Stary Sobor to ensure safe passage for further combat echelons to move South.

Secondary: Secure Rogovo
Your task is to secure Rogovo to ensure safe passage for further combat echelons to move further South.

Secondary: Destroy Fuel Store
Your task is to the destroy the fuel trucks in the area to give the Russians a hard time with there vehicles. We have reports from civilians there is heavy Sniper activity in this area.

Secondary: Destroy Ammo Store
We believe that the Chedaki have a strong terrorist presence in the area, we believe their main base of operations and ammo caches are located in the old castle at Zub. We would like you to investigate and destroy anything you may find.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Friendly forces:
- 2x A-10 | 2x Huey | 1x Ammo Hawk
- 2x M1A1 | x2 AAVs | x3 LAVs | x4 MTVR | 4x HMMWV Mixed | 2x Medical HMMWV
- 4x Mortor | 4x MTVR Mortor Carriers
- Supply Units

- Objectives Can be played in any order
- Ammo Create can be transported in Blackhawk
- Mortors can be transported in the 4 MTVRs
- plus 2 hidden objectives

Credits & thanks:
Thanks to all the community for there wonderful scripts theres so many cant really name them all! Thanks everyone!

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- BI forums

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