DM gamemode : UAV Rage by Celery
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Celery has informed us about the release of his latest PvP mission for ArmA2.

Quote Celery :
What was planned to be a poor man's substitute for Camel Rage quickly formed its own identity with the potential to become even greater than its ancestor. You fly the Russian Pchela-1T UAV in Chernogorsk's industrial district gunning down your enemies and refilling your ammunition and armor by flying under any structure you can manage to fly under! You can recognize easy prey and dangerous aces just by looking at the colors of their wingtip smoke. You can select your smoke colors by changing your slot in the setup screen. The aerial deathmatch has 16 player slots and uses the EasyFly script to make controlling the UAV possible for humanoid lifeforms. No addons needed!

Written on 2009-12-06 08:02 by Celery  

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