Mission Control Center by spirit

spirit released an update for the Mission Control Center used at 6thsense in the BI forums. It now supports the Operation Arrowhead Islands.

Quote spirit :
Hello people,

At 6thsense we use MCC (Mission Control Center) that i made around Kronzy's awesome UPS basically every night. Its the only mission file we basicly ever play. We have been using it for about 8 month. Since i made a public version for my island (six little green bag) i thought you guys might just enjoy having it for basically all islands we use and i have a file for.

With MCC you are able to make any coop mission you like on any start location against any force

The island its currently available for:
    - Celle
    - Chernarus
    - Desert_E
    - Eden
    - Isla Duala
    - Japatho
    - Kulima
    - Kellu
    - Namalsk
    - Panthera
    - Quesh-Kibrul
    - Sbrodj
    - Heighland
    - Takistan
    - Thirsk
    - Utes
    - Zargabad

Written on 2010-07-05 13:49 by Big  

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